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I have a personal obsession with faeries (fairies). And I don’t mean tinkerbell or any of that glittery nonsense, I mean the little woodland creatures that caused mischief in the Medieval and Renaissance periods. I know it’s a little silly, but I plan to one day have a beautiful garden that’s full of little faerie homes. So, here are some awesome ideas I’ve found and come up with on my own to make faerie homes! This is a great craft for any ages, especially a mother daughter type for your little girl.

This is the first faerie house I ever made. It’s actually made from a kit that I bought at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Los Angeles. Underneath it has a wooden base, which I then covered in moss. The actual house part is made from a toilet paper roll which I then covered in rose petals. The roof is just two pieces of cardboard covered in moss. Using pieces like cardboard can be very easy. They’re common, light weight, easy to paint, glue, etc. If you are working with kids, these are some especially great things to work with. However, I personally prefer a more natural approach.

This is the most recent faerie house I’ve made. I used the top of a Snapple bottle which broke (it was actually a failure from a bottle cutting project I was working on which I will post about once I finish). By using a broken bottle, the house looks more organically made, like a faerie happen to stumble upon this trash and decided to make a home of it. The base is made from a fake leaf. The bed inside is made from the cap of the Snapple bottle with some moss padding and a leaf blanket.

While I personally prefer the more modern found “treasures” style, a completely organic and more human-like house look made from purely natural supplies is also a fun route. This one is obviously made from various wood materials, stones, etc. It is also much more intricate and like a large-scale house. If you are interested in it just looking like a faerie house, clay can also be a wonderful thing that you can use.

So where will you find all the wonderful supplies that you are going to use for your future faerie village? Crafting stores such as Joann’s or Michaels often have bags of moss, fake plants, all sorts of things on those lines. Another idea is to look in the section where they sell supplies for missions that kids build and you can find all sorts of fun miniature pots, chairs, etc. However, if you want to be more creative and adventurous about it, go on a walk through the park or forest or beach and pick up pebbles, sticks, all sorts of things and make a truly authentic faerie home. Look at your trash before you throw it out. Would that old tin make a good home? How about that jar? Especially if you are working with kids, making a hunt of it is much more fun than a trip to the store.

Also, build more than just a home! As you can see in my first image, I made a chair from a piece of a pine-cone and an acorn and in the second image a bed. Build benches, tables, mini-gardens, what ever you want. Get creative with it! It’s time for you to build your own faerieland.