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I personally don’t have the money, but I definitely wish I did! This cruise looks absolutely fantastic for anyone into steampunk, or just people who are interested in a vacation that’s a little different. There are appearances by people such as Captain Robert Brown and Abney Park and the famous author GD Falksen. Also tons of events and prizes and performances and contests. It’s an annual event that I wish I could go to and for those of you with money, look into it!

But putting aside the opportunity to go on this cruise (because I know I can’t go) I think this is a fantastic idea and has some great ideas for steampunk parties, such as “The Great Mad Scientists Monologue Competition”, the “Vintage Bathing Suit Contest Deck-side” or the “Formal Portraits in your Costumed Best with amazing backdrops and green screen”. So check it out, even if you don’t have the money, because it could provide some great inspiration!


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