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Merry Christmas Even everyone! Or I guess now it’s technically Christmas already…  I was a little late with my post today. Well here are some various gingerbread houses that I found to be either very well done, unique, or a combination of the two!

GORGEOUS regular house (if you call two story house with a garage a “regular” house for gingerbread)

A tree house! Cute idea and very well done

A gingerbread church. Great way of mixing the religion back into the secular fun.

A hobbit hole! Fun idea, especially with the movie having just come out. Well done and wonderful idea.

Had to include a gingerbread Hogwarts! Last gingerbread house I made was Hogwarts. This one is much better done though, even has the rock!

Hope you all are enjoying your holidays and having fun with your holiday crafts! Merry Christmas everyone!