My weekly themed housing steampunk post!

Faniacal Laugh

Steamunk actually originated as a book genre, gaining inspiration from HG Wells and Jules Verne (but I’ll go more into the origins another week). Steampunk novels continue to be a huge part of the subculture today. They typically take place in either a post apocalyptic world or an alternate past. One book series which I have started reading is the Clockwork Century series by Cherie Priest. Each book follows a different character and they each take place during an alternate history version of the American Civil War involving a zombie outbreak in Seatle. The first book, entitled Boneshaker is actually being currently made into a movie as well. It is a fantastic series whether you are into steampunk or not and I highly recommend it.

I have unfortunately not read many steampunk novels. That is one area of steampunk in which I plan to work on. However, I have done my research…

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