My weekly post on my fandom themed housing blog. This week: dieselpunk!

Faniacal Laugh

Since steampunk emerged, other spin-offs from the genre have occurred. Dieselpunk, being a popular one of these spin-offs, contains all the same concepts of steampunk (futuristic, but in a past era). The only difference is that it takes place in a different time. Dieselpunk takes place in the era of diesel (1930s-1940s). My post last week of the band Caravan Palace is considered dieselpunk because it contains both contemporary electro and 30s/40s swing. A lot of the clothing is reminiscent of WWII and early aviator styles.

For those of you familiar with the movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, this is a prime example of dieselpunk.

This movie takes place in 1939 New York and follows a news reporter and a pilot who seek to find missing scientists. The movie involves dieselpunk style clothing, advanced flying ships, and evil robots; all perfect examples of what makes something dieselpunk.

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