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Here is my weekly steampunk post for my college themed housing blog =)

Faniacal Laugh

As I wrote about a couple weeks ago, steampunk costuming and clothing is a large aspect of the subculture. With both that and crafting being such a vital part of the steampunk community, jewelry has naturally become a popular aspect as well. Steampunk jewelry is usually made up of clock/watch parts in a combination of more vintage style pieces such as keys, metal wings, lace, owl charms, or cameos. Metal and clay are the most common materials used (sometimes leather, but usually more as bracelet bases). Wire, gears, and metal charms are probably the most common uses of metal. Some are more Victorian, utilizing purely Victorian style jewelry with a slight edge or mechanical style added. Others, on the other hand, are purely mechanical, utilizing only gears, metal, and clock parts. The most popular is, of course, a balance between these two more extreme styles.

Here are some examples, someā€¦

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